I am excited about this website for 1, because I can finally express who I am without feeling like I will be judged.

I am also excited about this website because 2, I am able to invite you to share your stories with each other.

This is a website about surviving, not about dwelling on the past.
It is also a website about expressing who we are as people, regardless of age, gender, and race.

I also want this place to be a site that everyone feels safe to be who they truly are. I welcome suggestions, help, motivation and encouragement.

Each story you share will bring you closer and closer to each other. By sharing your stories, you open yourself up for healing. By allowing yourself to heal, you create healing in others who may have otherwise felt hopeless.

This site will allow you to email me your stories and I will then place them in the proper category under "Our Stories". This will allow others to read the story that has made you who you are today!

My story is probably not unique to the ones I will read. But, this is what makes this site beautiful: we can all share how far we have come since we were disowned.


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